Christopher Walken on Gene Kelly for Turner Classic Movies

A wonderful look at the career of Gene Kelly from another great song and dance man, Christopher Walken.


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American Blogger - The First Journey Official Trailer

Well that naration was way over the top, it does look like a well shot, interesting and inspirational film.

I also like the alternate title “American Bloggers Who Are E-Friends With My Wife” because it’s a film about female bloggers.

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Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Re-Release Trailer (2014)

Excited to see this restored and back in theatres!

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Mos Def - History ft. Talib Kweli

Just back from another visit to Brooklyn and felt this was appropriate.

Tags #  MossDef TalibKweli History Brooklyn

Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride

A story about Coney Island history, plus greed, politics and the land grab of the century, ZIPPER chronicles the battle over an American cultural icon, and the future as seen by Thor Equities and former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

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